Hammer + Jacks is a family-owned toy store in Portland’s trendy Foster-Powell neighborhood (US), where handmade lanterns dangle quietly from the ceiling, disco balls cast light flecks across colorful muraled walls, and when the day is done, a small piece inside the round cardboard sign on the door slides to the right, turning ‘OPEN’ into ‘NOPE.’

Serving as a multi-faceted creative all-in-one, I combined the roles of marketer, social media strategist and content designer to drive sales, increase brand awareness and fine-tune the running visual narrative for the brick-and-mortar shop. I built a beloved recurring newsletter from the ground up, researched niche topics extensively to craft engaging and thoughtful copy across the platforms, and provided a steady, dynamic stream of innovative, creative campaign ideas for the shop to choose from. 

I also developed a comprehensive branding package for the toy store’s technicolored event space, including a logo design, a custom typeface, monthly printable coloring pages, loads of reusable shop hours stories for the ‘gram and a great illustration of the giant TV stage. 🌈 📺 🎉