From time to time I independently design, publish and market a limited edition zine about art, life and the in-betweens called Loose Ideas. It's a passion project without rules, and I have a ton of fun with it. I get to focus on print + editorial design for a few months at a time and the end result is a home for anything I may have learned, explored, dabbled in or created independently that year. It's also a time for me to push the boundaries of the magazine format, which *hair flip* I love. Each issue features an abundance of illustration, 35mm color photo, travel stories and visual storytelling.

Perfect bound, A5 size and really lovely. See inside Loose Ideas No. 1 and No. 2 by clicking on either image below. After a few-year hiatus to move my 'mercian self to Europe and start a new life, Loose is set to return "sometime in 2024" and I've heard good things.