Headlines: Living with Ghosts, Soft Shares, Scandignarlia, Slow'dtripping Norway, How to be Less of an Asshole (Abroad), Ten Days in Paradise

Issue one was the love child that started it all. What began as a blog post about driving through Norway soon became a full-on multimedia storytelling experience spanning years, continents and adventures and really cashing in the memory bank. Some of my all- time favorite 35mm film photos made it into issue one. Print media and page design is what first led me to journalism years ago, and I have a ton of fun with each issue. Issue one celebrates two trips: one to Cuba (Ten Days in Paradise) and an absolutely epic road trip across Scandinavia (Scandignarlia, Slow'dtripping Norway, A Loose Guide to being less of an Asshole (Abroad)). Living with Ghosts is a series of illustrated photos with a particular feeling, leading to a letter a Sicilian grandfather sent to his Irish fiancée in the late 1940s. It's a hilarious, magical time capsule of a letter, and a window into a relationship that would go on to build an entire family and decades of memories together. Soft Shares is a sort of half-poignant photo essay about eating with others in a normal world, and I'm not sure it'd be a zine from 2020 without something like this in it. Nominated for Best Art Zine by the Broken Pencil Zine Awards and Canzine 2021! 

Perfect bound A5 magazine, 72 pages. Below is a selection of pages from issue one.