Headlines: Beach Town 001, Ring Roadin’, Starting Over, Home Cooked, How to be Less of an Asshole (In General), Beautiful Memory Desserts
Issue two feels like a true Loose issue. It’s a bit dreamy, a little confrontational, and pretty packed with 35mm color film photography, illustrations and travel stories. There are just over 115 individual pieces of artwork (wow! you bet I counted) spread across 104 pages of vibrant visual storytelling. Bit of a jump from issue one’s 72 pages. Beach Town 001 takes us to a small town on Mexico’s Pacific coast for a much needed mental respite. Ring Roadin’ chronicles an incredible autumnal road trip around Iceland’s Ring Road. Home Cooked is an overwhelming photo essay of early lockdown home cooking captured on film. How to be less of an Asshole (in General) makes its second appearance with a slightly different title, and Beautiful Memory Desserts takes us on a rainbow journey into the day-to-day of yesterday.. or is it tomorrow? Either way, not bad for a sequel.
Perfect bound A5 magazine, 104 pages. Below is a selection of pages from issue two.