This time capsule series follows a younger me on the creative road trip of focusing one's photographic eye while falling hard for shooting from the hip.

I went to college during the mass shift to digital photography. After I graduated I spent probably three or four years honing my ability to photograph something in a way that completely contradicted the process and habits I'd developed in digital: film meant 1-2 frames per photo at most (vs one million), I wouldn't know what it looked like (oh no, out of focus again?!), and there was a massive margin for error (what is the right way to Tungsten?). I shot constantly on heavily expired film I'd buy in lots off eBay to save money, until one day an absolute killer roll came back and I decided it was time to go fresh. I bought some 35mm Kodak Ektar 100 and film's been m'main squeeze ever since. 

Photos here are pulled from several different series and projects produced between 2006 and 2018 in Cuba, Western Mexico, Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and the US. 

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